Pamela Tudor: Mother Earth

Exhibition on view until: Monday, March 12, 2018

My connection to the earth and how we are destroying the environment preoccupies me. I have been painting this concern for a while – in a series I call Mother Earth, which is ravaged now by rising global temperatures, melting ice, increasing rainfall, rising sea levels, deforestation, and decimation of sea life. The beauty and desecration of our one-and- only, amazing, sacred home are my themes.

We still have much to cherish in our world, and much beauty. I hope to express that in my work, using color, expressive form, abstraction, subtle imagery and deep feeling. It is my way of communicating that we must pay attention, band together and say “yes” to being true stewards of our mother, our planet, our Earth.

Pamela would like you to share your thoughts with Mother Earth! Learn how you can write an open letter here