Relay Spaces

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, September 7, 2019

The InLiquid Gallery presents Relay Spaces, an exhibition featuring the ceramics of Frank Gaydos, multimedia work by Lauren Pakradooni, and photography by Nadine Rovner. 

Artists all convey feelings or information into an image, an object, a moment. To relay these moments is to create space for the viewer to step into the artist’s heart or mind. Frank Gaydos creates patterns and stencils to play with the structured space of his plates. Gaydos’ symbols, colors, and patterns are central to his works: they are the eye of the pieces. Lauren Pakradooni’s works take on different shapes and yet the patterns and repetitions throughout draw the viewer’s eye in and through the works connected in the space. Nadine Rovner’s photographs draw the viewer in to cinematic scenes where the viewer connects with their own feelings of loneliness, isolation, or anxiety, while being beckoned closer to the romance and the beauty of the images, largely of women who seem to be voyeurs in their own lives. The bright colors, either subtle or bold in these artists works, set the tone for the viewer to enter the work, to enter the space, to share in the feelings and information relayed by the artists.

Prior to the opening reception, Philly Stewards will be hosting their CSA pick-up for Lauren Pakradooni from 6-7 PM.