Exhibition on view until: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

InLiquid presents an installation made for the summer season, featuring the work of Deanna Mclaughlin and her signature use of shopping carts transformed into chairs at our vestibule at Old City Publishing. Set in a summery vignette, this Cartrageous chaise lounge has a sunbrella fabric and shower curtain cushion cover to resolve the intended location of the outdoors.

The shopping cart is the most iconic image of our consumer-based culture. The Cartrageous furniture series originally intended to visually challenge the viewer to question and assess individual ideas about consumerism, power, and privilege. After the first pieces were shown with Design Philadelphia in 2009, friends and strangers began bringing me abandoned carts. I have enjoyed the design challenge of taking one object and continuously asking myself, “What else can I do with this shape?” Again, a decade later, many of the pieces in this full series will be seen this fall in Design Philadelphia’s exhibition. Currently, I am enjoying miniaturizing these works into a full series of jewelry.

Deanna Dee McLaughlin began exhibiting her work in 1986. She achieved an M.A./M.A.T. in Art Education at the University of The Arts, a B.S. Art Therapy, Cognate: Psychology at Bowling Green State University, and has Art Certifications for Pennsylvania and New Jersey to teach from Kindergarten to 12th grade from Bowling Green, Ohio. She has won numerous awards and has been granted many opportunities both nationally and internationally. Studying people from other places and cultures have greatly influenced her approach to looking at life with an ever-fresh perspective.