Sundance 2013

Sundance 2013

Exhibition closed: January 31, 2014

Art Inspiring Art: works by visual artists who are inspired by the lighting, sets, characters, and stories of great films Curated by Sara McCorriston

Featuring the work of
Cynthia Back
Aubrie Costello
Jessica Demcsak
Yechiam Gal
John Klinkose
Lee Lippman
Michelle Marcuse
Eleanor Miller
Clarissa Shanahan
Stan Shire and Shelly Lependorf
Al Wachlin Jr

Works are available for purchase through Shop InLiquid, and will be available through the end of the exhibition. Please visit Shop InLiquid for the full list of available works.

Jessica Demcsak, And if Thou Wilt: Forget on Square Market
Clarissa Shanahan: Swing Ride on Square Market
John Klinkose: Treading Water on Square Market