Exhibition on view until: Sunday, August 28, 2022

Come see and hear Andrew Chalfen and Melinda Steffy explore the intersection of art and music in Synesthesia, on view at the National. Steffy’s methodical pieces and Chalfen’s energetic works both acknowledge auditory aural beauty in a visual way through pops of color and intricate patterns.

Melinda Steffy’s work is planned, logical, and precise in method and approach. Using her knowledge as both an artist and classically trained musician, Steffy works to translate the rhythmic, time-based format of music into visual color patterns.

Andrew Chalfen takes on a more improvisational and intuitive approach when creating his art pieces. Like Steffy, Chalfen is also a musician, and his artistic practice parallels his songwriting process, arranging and composing different elements to create a visual symphony of colors and patterns.

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