The Basics Trilogy: @ I-House

The Basics Trilogy: @ I-House

Exhibition on view until: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Water Food Shelter
video series by Termite TV

Experimental activist video group Termite TV Collective’s latest series of shows is based on basic human essentials — “Water,” “Food,” and “Shelter” — produced by Buffalo media artist Meg Knowles, Baltimore-based artist Joanna Raczynska, and Philadelphia’s Sara Zia Ebrahimi. Featuring work by: Sarah Christman, Michael Kuetemeyer, A.Q Quintero, Bob Hering & Maria Cortese Hering, Iden Rosenthal, Deborah Rudman, Anula Shetty. Brian Milbrand, and Courtney Grim.

WATER, 2007
While we attempt to restrict water use through pacts and treaties, sometimes we just can’t stop that slow leak on the roof. Termite TV explores a variety of water-y issues, both poetic and political. (29 min.)

FOOD, 2008
As our basic needs become more and more dear, our modes of survival must be creative, efficient, and self-sustaining. Termite TV examines what food means to us and to the media, and what our current conditions imply. (29 min.)

Housing problems, alternative architecture, concepts of home, and sanctuaries are all featured in Termite TV’s final third of THE BASICS TRILOGY. (29 min.)