Unknown @ River’s Edge Gallery

Unknown @ River’s Edge Gallery

Exhibition on view until: Friday, October 23, 2015


Carol Forman
Candace Karch

On view June 26 – Oct 23
River’s Edge Gallery at Bridgeton House
1525 River Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA

Unknown is an exhibition of work by Carol Forman and Candace Karch, two artists whose photographs obscure as much as they reveal. Both artists delve into the world of suggestion, in which depth and clarity is interrupted by surface, and identity is eluded to by shapes and shadow. In her Wild Yarns series, Forman creates evocative and mysterious compositions from a close examination of plant anatomy and strange biological structures. Karch’s series, Les Objets Inconnus, seems like carefully constructed theater sets, yet the subject remains veiled and ambiguous, inevitably left to the viewer’s imagination. Presented by InLiquid, Unknown is on view from June 26 – October 23 at the River’s Edge Gallery.