InLiquid Partners with PHS Meadowbrook Farm

InLiquid Partners with PHS Meadowbrook Farm

InLiquid celebrates its newest partnership with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) with an exciting 5 month long roster of events at Meadowbrook Farm in Jenkintown, PA. From May through October 2021 InLiquid will present an outdoor sculpture garden of temporary artwork nestled throughout Meadowbrook Farm’s rolling garden estate. 

InLiquid has also facilitated a series of month long artist residencies to take place at Meadowbrook Farm. Artists will be working on site at Meadowbrook Farm where visitors can watch them create and learn more about their practice. 



Meadowbrook Farm is located at 1633 Washington Lane, Jenkintown, PA and open to the public by appointment Wednesday – Saturday from 10AM – 4PM. Please make an appointment to visit through this link

Summer 2021: InLiquid at Meadowbrook Sculpture Garden

Featuring: Nancy Agati | Patrick Cabry | Won Choi | Erica EhrenbardCharles Emlen | Michael Morgan | Amy Orr | Diane Deery Richards | Zachary Steinheiser | Vicki Vinton | Roger Wing

InLiquid at Meadowbrook Artist in Residences

April: Colleen McCubbin Steppanic

Colleen McCubbin Stepanic is an artist who creates physical forms from painted canvas. She was born in Newport News, Virginia and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Cleveland and Washington DC. Her transient childhood instilled a lifelong love of travel and exploration which heavily influences her artistic practice. She earned an MFA from the Tyler School of Art in 2003 and has been the recipient of many grants, awards, and artist residencies. McCubbin Stepanic’s work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the USA and she has participated in art projects in Budapest, Hungary and Batoufam, Cameroon.


May: Nancy Agati

Nancy Agati’s work addresses transformations and patterns in nature through physical investigations of materials. Her multidisciplinary work includes; works on paper, sculpture, textile, site-specific installation, and public art. Agati holds a BFA from Alfred University, School of Art & Design, NY, and an MFA from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. She has exhibited her work throughout Philadelphia and nationally. Agati has been a recipient of a Windows of Opportunity Award from the Leeway Foundation and has been awarded artist residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, Lo Studio dei Nipoti, Calabria, Italy, and Main & Station, Nova Scotia. In 2014, as a Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellow, Nancy Agati began investigating the intersection of mindfulness meditation as it relates to her art-making process.


June: Summer J. Hart

Trained in book arts and printmaking, Summer J. Hart received a BFA from the Hartford Art School, West Hartford, CT, and an MFA from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Her visual and written narratives are part enchantment, part cautionary tale


July: Serena Saunders

Serena Saunders (MsPassionArt) is a full-time mother and practicing artist. Native to Philadelphia, Serena’s core is Fine Art but she also creates in the realm of Fashion Design and Writing. Her work as a painter has a fresh, color-strong perspective that speaks to our imagination while the subjects ask of our awareness. Her often large-scale, graphically bold and poetically composed paintings offer the viewer layers of narrative. You will often find a matter of injustice or undying hope fighting its way through the line work to prevail at the surface. It is clear that her work is influenced by her compassion towards youth and community. This affection for the youth was nurtured during her decade spent teaching art and poetry at more than a dozen schools and non-profit organizations throughout Philadelphia and neighboring states. Serena Saunders has also served as the Creative Ambassador for the City of Philadelphia, and has been featured in numerous publications including Rolling Out, The Philadelphia Tribune, and local televised news outlets.


August: Teresa Shields

Teresa Shields divides her studio time between embroidery and felt-making. She looks at nature – plant forms, geometry, colors, cell structures, bones, antlers, wings – to see the underlying connections that these things have in common.

Shields’ felted work is experimental. By using math to calculate shrinkage of wool fibers and partially-felted shapes, she reverse-engineers geometric or biomorphic three dimensional sculptures. Felt-making has taught Shields patience. She has leaned into the process as she has become more experienced. Turning fine wool roving into solid material has always felt magical. Although her work is based on life experience, it is not directly autobiographical. Many of the themes relate to women’s experiences, how we are viewed and treated. It is sometimes serious, other times quirky and playful, and teeters on the edge of viewer interaction.


September- Suji Kanneganti

Suji Kanneganti is a multi-disciplinary artist currently experimenting with paint, sculpture, installation, and video. Her work focuses on abstracting the internal, the mundane, and the invisible into the physical. Often, it also has a subtle interactive quality, be it with the viewer and/or the environment. She plans to utilize the sounds and natural light found within the PHS gardens as a collaborator during her residency, and hopefully skew the typical viewer experience.

October: Diane Deery Richards

Diane Deery Richards is an environmental fiber artist living in Philadelphia, PA. She is an innovator with fibers and natural elements; it allows her the freedom to explore and play. Water is her vehicle to explore the relationship between colorful dyes and material. She is fascinated by the subject of water itself; her desire to explore these elements is a central part of her work. Her sculptures are made of wood and fiber. They have a harmonious quality requiring the strength of each opposing element. The tension created by confronting opposing elements synergizes flowing patterns that seem to be woven directly into the landscape. The result is a purely harmonious symbiosis of subject and material.

Header image from PHS Meadowbrook Farm