“They call this the Badlands, but this is where my memories live.” – David Acosta

Strolling by Gurney Street, Kensington residents will be greeted with lines of poetry by David Acosta, thanks to these cheery bright metal installations by InLiquid artist Marta Sanchez


Sanchez was chosen for her cultural connection to the neighborhood, as well as her prominent record of installing artwork along railway tracks.  She hopes to help reclaim the space and honor those who live and have lived in the neighborhood, despite the ongoing battles against community deterioration

“I want to send them love, today, up in the sky, for those that have passed. I want us to have hope, and I want us to be fierce in being able to combat this,” Sanchez said.

Prior to this project, initiated by non-profit group HACE, the Yard was described as “the biggest trashcan exposed to the community”.   

Now, it’s clean and inviting.

The sculptures were made at NextFab using 1/4″ mild steel plates put through a 5-axis Water Jet cutting machine.  The metal pieces were then powder-coated with various colors.

Future plans include extending this project down to American St, and igniting even more positive change for the deserving area.

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