Artist Studio Building for Sale – Italian Market near 8th and Christian, 1850 sq ft

This Deadline Expired: Monday, July 31, 2017

A great studio building that is for sale just a few steps from the Italian Market at 723 Hall St., which is just south of 8th and Christian. The building was completely gutted and rehabbed in 2015 – everything is new in the building from top to bottom! The building has an 800 sq ft rental apartment on the first and lower level (rents for $1375 a month currently rented) and the 2nd and 3rd floors are each 500 square feet with wide open space and great light, deck off the 3rd floor ( patio off first floor also). I used the 2nd and 3rd floor as my studio and rented the apartment, there is also a 250 square ft storage space in the basement The building was originally a single family home and can be returned to a single family by simply taking down one entry wall. 

Pat Conway is the listing agent, his telephone number is 215-266-1537, please contact him directly to see the property. There will be an open house Sunday, June 18 from 12pm to 2:30. The building is currently listed at $469,000.00.

Below are some photos and more info from Zillow. The direct link is:,-75.141206,39.925601,-75.171118_rect/14_zm/?view=public

Favi Dubo

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