Call for Art – The Starter Kit

This Deadline Expired: Friday, November 13, 2015

Deadline November 12: ARTISTS FEED: The Starter Kit’s Raffle for Philabundance
Participate in an art raffle!
Eligibility: Any affordable 2D or 3D work priced from $100-150. All work must be original and ready to hang/install.

Submission Due Date: November 12th
Artist Selections: November 16th
Artwork Drop-off Date: November 22nd
Artwork Pick up Date: November 28th
Event Date: November 27th

The Fundraising breakdown:
40% will go to Philabundance
25% will go to the artists who’s work is sold
25% will go to Goldilocks Gallery
10% will go to The Starter Kit

Raffle Details
Patrons purchase a raffle ticket with an explicit choice of which work they would like to win. Raffle tickets will be sold over an extended period of time and a drawing will be held at the end of the event.
$10 tickets: at every multiple of $300 an additional ticket will be drawn.
The winner (patron) of the raffle will then get the piece they chose on their ticket.
Suggested Application Fee: $10 or more to the cause.
Submissions: All submissions must be jpegs clearly labeled “Last name_First name#.jpg” (ex. Fox_Julia1.jpg) All must be at least 72 dpi and no more than 5 MB. Please include the title, measurements, medium, and year each piece was completed on a numbered list of works that corresponds with the numbers on each Jpeg file.
This is a great opportunity for artists to sell older works!
Email all submissions to The Starter Kit @ or for more information visit

Michael Morgan

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