Call for Artists: Digital Sculpture & Digital Embroidery Residency

This Deadline Expired: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Deadline August 30, 2016:


Digital Fabrication Residency program residents gain access for 3 days to learn and gain hands-on experience with laser cutting, cnc routing, FDM 3D printing, digital embroidery and 3D scanning. Applications for the 3 Day onsite residency program must include a project proposal that outlines what the resident plans to work on while onsite. Residents are responsible for arranging their own accommodations, travel expenses, meals and if projects require materials outside of those provided.

DFR works with residents in 2 to 3 online meetings prior to their onsite visit to figure out project needs and file preparation prior to the onsite visit. This is a highly individualized opportunity to work one on one with the DFR team to develop and work through ideas on the machines and utilizing a private studio. There are basic materials supplied and residents can send materials to be ready for their onsite visit. Residents have unlimited use of the machines and DFR team during facility hours. Only one resident per 3 day period. Applicants must recommend their preferred dates on their application. There is no required software or machine experience required to apply. We select applicants based on project proposals and learning objectives that would most benefit from attending the residency.

There is no application fee to apply to this program. Applications are available at


Digital Fabrication Residency designed this special program for artists to quickly learn about software options, machines and an overview of what is possible with digital fabrication. Powerful tutorials will focus on how all this technology enables 2D and 3D output. We like to call it the mountain top view. We provide an overview and then work our way down into some of the specifics of laser cutting/engraving, CNC routing, digital embroidery, 3D scanning, project visualization and many other amazing ways artists can transform creative concepts through the machines and into the artist’s hand.

No application required. Session dates are listed below. 2 workshops a week. Each 2 hours long. Online. Connect from your studio, work or home and learn. Each 2 week block includes live workshop content on Tuesday and Thursdays beginning at 12 PM EST. The DigiFab OnRamp Program kicks off June 15th! See the calendar below to select your session dates.

No applications are required for this program. Enrollment is open to all visual artists.

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