Call for Artists – Southeast by Southeast Residency

This Deadline Expired: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Deadline November 23: Residency Eligibility
The Southeast by Southeast Residency is open to artists based in South Philadelphia.
Any artist, established or emerging, working in any medium is encouraged to apply. Couples, collaboratives, and collectives may apply, but please note that the stipend provided must be divided by the individuals in the group. Artists do not need to have experience in mural-making or social practice, nor a history of practice involving socially engaged art, to be considered.
Terms of the Residency
Artists will be provided the following resources:
● Access to the vibrant Southeast by Southeast Storefront community space, which includes a shared and flexible work and classroom space, at 2108 S 8th Street
● $1,000 monthly stipend for the duration of the 10 month long residency
● Committed funding for service projects and hybrid service/artistic projects, which will be allocated and negotiated on a project-by-project basis.
● Orientations and trainings for working with refugee populations and teaching to a group

The following items will be the responsibility of the artist:
● Housing will not be provided
● All travel costs to/from the Southeast by Southeast Storefront
● Specialized studio equipment
Details of the Residency
Artists will be expected to commit fully in spirit and practice to the exchange framework of this residency. There is no guarantee that this process will not involve challenges, conflicts or failures. It is the responsibility of the artist to work in “good faith” with all parties involved attempting to fulfill their commitments to both their artistic and service oriented work. It is expected that the artist will work in a way that is respectful of the individuals with whom they will be collaborating, their fellow artists-in-residence, and the community as a whole. Any artist who engages in behaviors or practices that are considered hurtful, hateful, or dangerous to these parties will be asked to terminate their participation in the Southeast by Southeast Residency.
Over the course of a 10 month long residency, each artist will undertake a choice between creating their own community based project and assisting with art based classes at Southeast by Southeast, along with helping manage the community space. Artists will each receive a $1,000 monthly stipend and will be expected to focus on their community projects for at least 10 hours per week. As an additional form of compensation, artists will be permitted to use the shared workstations set up in the community space to advance personal art projects.
Southeast by Southeast Residency involves two key forms of activity — Community-directed projects and open ended studio time — that are distinct from one another. It is expected that artists will spend an average of 10 hours each week on community directed projects.
We understand Community projects as a range of volunteer time devoted to community-directed projects, and participation in public community events. The Southeast by Southeast Residency will collect suggestions for projects, that artists-in-residence are invited to select at their own discretion, and complete in collaboration as needed with the community member. Each artist will undertake either their own community based project or the assisting with an existing project in the space. Each artist’s project will culminate in either an exhibition or event in the final month of the residency.
We understand Studio activities to be a range of creative efforts driven by the artist’s interests, which may involve individual studio-based artworks and/or community-engaged participatory artworks. The Southeast by Southeast Residency cannot offer dedicated studio space, and artists are not expected to produce a completed artwork, but are encouraged to share their work, finished or in-progress, with the Southeast by Southeast community.
Artists will be expected to commit to the full 10 months in residence. Whenever possible, artists will be encouraged to participate in ongoing programs throughout the duration of the Southeast by Southeast Residency, including trainings offered for working with refugee communities. Artists will be paid on a monthly-prorated schedule.
Project Schedule
2015 (Artist Selection Schedule)
November 23rd: Applications Due
December 3rd – 11th: Short Listed Interviews
January 8th: Selected Artists Confirmed
January 11th: Selected Artists Contacted

2016 (Residency Schedule)
January 18th – January 22nd: Training
February 1st – November 30th 2016: Residency Period

Selection Process
Submissions will be considered through the following process:
● The Mural Arts Program will generate a short list of candidates to be contacted for interviews.
● Representatives from the Mural Arts Program and the Southeast by Southeast Community Space will conduct interviews with all applicants selected for the short list.
● Three artists will be selected for the residency. The final selection of artists will be contacted for confirmation and scheduling.

Notes on Selection Criteria
In addition to the application items detailed on the following pages, particular attention will be paid to the artist’s practical skills listed in their application, unrelated to their artistic practice. These skills can reflect any form of manual, affective or intellectual labor (e.g. car repair, translation, carpentry, gardening, conflict mediation, nutrition, website building, sewing, etc.). Artists who have experience living or working in marginalized communities, teaching experience, community organizing or social services of any kind are highly encouraged to apply. Any additional questions concerning this application, the outline of this residency, or the community or the organizations involved should be directed to;

Submission Requirements
Submissions are due by 5 p.m. on November 23, 2015. There is no application fee.
Applications must include the following items (detailed on the following pages) to be considered:
1. Application Narrative
2. Support Material
3. CV (optional)
Please send all items in an email with the subject line as follows (Lastname Firstname Southeast by Southeast Application) and emailed to by 5 p.m. on the day of the application deadline.

Application Specifications

● Support material can include images of your artwork, and/or a list of links to video/audio files.
● Images must be saved as JPG files at 72dpi and a width of 1024px.
● Application Narrative and CV (detailed on the next page) must be formatted to 8.5 x 11” pages.
● Video and Audio files should not exceed 3 minutes (excerpts will be accepted) and should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud.

Please note: This program will also accept paper submissions. If you plan to submit a paper application, please email for details.

Artist Application
Application Narrative
1. Biography: Introduce yourself and your work to us. What would you like us to know about you and the art you make? (150 words max)
2. Skill Sets: A list of skills that you have with arts and working with people. What kind of art do you make or have made and know about? How long have you been learning about it?
3. Teaching Experience: Please list any teaching experience, formal or informal, that you’ve had in the last five years.
4. Example of Exchange: Describe something you have done for someone else without expecting something in return. (150 words max)
5. Neighborhood Need: Tell us a story about a time that you identified and fulfilled a neighborhood need. (150 words max)

Support Material**
● A minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 images, 1 to 3 links to video or audio files, or a combination thereof as detailed above under Application Specifications.
● Viewing list with descriptions of artwork or activity being depicted and your role in it, including date, location and corresponding filename.

**Please join us on NOVEMBER 20th from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. at 2108 S 8th Street for our Application Clinic, where we are offering help with applications

CV/ Resume (optional)
● Maximum of 3-pages, including education, exhibition or project history, and any other relevant professional artistic experience. Please include a list of any additional work history or experience outside of art-making that you feel is applicable to the Southeast by Southeast: Artist Residency.

* please see Details of the Residency (page 8) for clarification on the Studio and Service components
For Frequently Asked Questions & Answers, please visit: XXXXXXXXXX
You can also email with any additional questions. No phone calls please

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