Call For Entries at The Painted Bride

This Deadline Expired: Thursday, December 28, 2017

InLiquid is excited to announce a special call for entries from InLiquid members that interrogate notions of masculinity. Submissions should be made by December 28th, 2017. Selections will become part of the next exhibition at The Painted Bride Arts Center and will run from January 11 through March 19. During this time, The Bride will be hosting movement artist Cynthia Oliver, whose work ‘Virago-Man Dem’ will see its Philadelphia debut. This dance-theater piece navigates the nuanced spectrum of black masculinities and aims to unpack certain preconceptions thereof, whilst addressing each of the performers’ personal experiences.

We invite our artist members to submit works that consider the system, experience, aesthetics, effects, roles, and possibilities of masculinity today. In this moment, a pure idea of masculinity is unsettled. Self-evident in this notion is the realization – obvious or surprising, depending on who you’re asking – that men have long defined what masculine performance is. Its worse nature is being exposed to representatives who we once trusted. Where will this go? What baggage is left, and should all of it be thrown off the plane or should certain items keep up with the transit? Where does it fit amongst other identities and expressions? And how, as artists, should we be enlisted to ask and answer these uncertainties? We are excited to see visual works that explore these possibilities loudly, quietly, and honestly.

Rebecca Jacoby

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