Grants for Temporary Spaces and Projects – Mophradat

This Deadline Expired: Saturday, January 16, 2016

Deadline January 15: Mophradat provides grants to enable the realization of short-term contemporary arts spaces or projects in the Arab World that are developed by two or more collaborators. Temporary here means projects that either have a limited timeframe or are as yet not in need of an institutional framework. For example, grants can be used to develop and present a series of public events, publications, exhibition projects, collective research, or meetings addressing a specific topic. This is the second year of this new initiative, and is open to diverse project ideas in a plurality of formats.

Please go to our website for the detailed eligibility criteria. Only applications completed in Arabic or English, and uploaded through our website’s submissions page are accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the grants program, please send them to

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