Morocco – Tour and Photo Encaustic Workshop

This Deadline Expired: Thursday, January 25, 2018

An amazing workshop experience exploring photography and encaustic painting, as influenced by the landscape, architecture and culture of beautiful Morocco. Each day of this workshop we will be observing the beauty of our surroundings, making photos, and embracing every color, texture and sensory experience using the spices, hues and tones of the landscape and the scenes around us. Our art will mirror what we discover and feel on this amazing adventure. 

Painting is a metaphor for life. It is unpredictable and precious. Presence is key — being present to observe and feel the emotions and challenges of being in a foreign country and unfamiliar place. 

Encaustic painting is a physical experience. You will learn how to create your own encaustic paints using beeswax and natural spices and pigments of the landscape. Learn to layer applications of beeswax on your photographs, experiment with collage techniques and found objects, and work on panels and paper. Artists are encouraged to photograph and journal everything! — The people, landscape, details and textures, food, spices and fruits of Morocco. We will paint our photos and learn to incorporating the language of place with the textural techniques of the encaustic medium. 

Price: $3,950 per person 
(single room supplement $ 1200)
*Airfare and Travel Insurance not included

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