Tacony LAB Artist Residency Fall/Winter 2020

Tacony LAB Artist Residency Fall/Winter 2020

This Deadline Expired: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

An artist residency, housed in a storefront Community Arts Center on the Torresdale Avenue Commercial Corridor in Northeast Philadelphia.

Please email tacony@muralarts.org with any questions or comments.
No phone calls, please.


This center for learning, creativity, and community engagement has been open as a community arts center since Fall 2017. Created by Mural Arts Philadelphia with the support of Councilman Bobby Henon, the Tacony LAB brings the neighborhood and the arts together to create a unique hub for learning, creativity, and community engagement in Lower Northeast Philadelphia. The LAB offers art classes for adults and youth, open studio resources and presents arts-focused events free of charge.

Fall 2020 Residency:

The Tacony LAB Community Art Center in Northeast Philadelphia is seeking proposals for an artist residency to take place in Fall/Winter 2020 to take place over 10 weeks  and offering a $4,000 stipend with an additional budget for materials. The deadline for the proposal is November 11, 2020.

The artist (or artist collective/group) selected for the residency will have access to the LAB studio space for both personal practice and project creation; the space will be shared with LAB art classes and workshops.

Artists are encouraged to propose artwork that utilizes the resources of the Tacony LAB while engaging the community through open studios, demonstrations, and/or events. The artist will receive a total stipend of $4,000 and will be expected to spend 10-15 hours per week on-site in the studio and the local neighborhood. Some of this time will be devoted to engaging the community through weekly activities with youth and adults. The artist will develop these activities in collaboration with the LAB Project Manager. The artist will also be expected to take part in LAB open houses, relevant community meetings, and similar events. Each residency will culminate in an exhibition event.


To mitigate the effects of COVID-19, the Tacony LAB is currently operating at reduced capacity for in-person activities, requiring masks, handwashing and six foot distance between in-person participants. Online programming supplements the limitations of our in-person activities. The LAB also has outdoor spaces that can be used for community engagement weather permitting. The selected resident artist will need to adhere to these guidelines and the Tacony LAB will do everything possible to accommodate the artists’ individual choices and comfort level within these guidelines.


The residency is open to artists based in the Philadelphia area. Visual or performing artists working in any medium may apply. Both established and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Collaborative groups may apply, but please note that they cannot offer additional funding to groups with multiple members. Artists must be citizens of the U.S. or have U.S. work authorization.

The Tacony LAB encourages applications from artists of diverse experiences and attributes, including but not limited to age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, ability, language, citizenship status, family circumstances, and cultural background.

The deadline for applications is 5 pm Wednesday, November 11, 2020.


The Tacony LAB shared studio is roughly 1800 square feet divided into three main areas.  A raw basement work space of roughly 500 sqft offers some additional space for material/component storage. Wi-Fi is provided. The Tacony LAB has a several computers and printers, a digital cutting machine, access to Adobe Creative Cloud, SLR digital cameras, a Form 2 mult-imaterial 3D printer, fine art supplies, floor and table looms, a large inventory of donated fabric, sewing machines and quilting frames.

The artist will be asked to work in collaboration with Tacony LAB staff to schedule activities and studio time. The studio is a semi-public space and artists should be prepared to share their personal practice with interested community members.

Any additional questions about the location or to arrange a site visit contact Barb Baur, Tacony LAB Coordinator by email – tacony@muralarts.org


● Access to free studio space & resources at 6918-20 Torresdale Avenue.

● $4000 stipend for 10 week residency.

● Funding for the proposed project and associated workshops.

● Support from Mural Arts Philadelphia administrative, marketing and production resources.

● Housing will not be provided.

● Travel costs to/from Tacony will be the responsibility of the artists. The storefront is located on the Septa Route 56 bus line and is a 10 minute walk from the Tacony Regional Rail R7 Trenton Line station at 4938 Disston Street.


● Wednesday, November 11, 5:00 pm: applications due.

● Week of November 16: applicants will be notified of decisions.

● Week of December 7,  10 week residency begins.

● Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

▪ The artist’s project proposal

▪ The artist’s experience and skill

▪ The artist’s ability to engage community members in a reciprocal creative process


Applications must include the following items to be considered:

  1. Contact Information:

i. Name

ii. Email address

iii. Telephone number

iv. Mailing address

v. Website may be submitted as supplemental material.

2. Application Narrative/Project Proposal 

3. Work Samples and a Work Samples Description List

4. CV/Resume

Materials should be submitted in a single folder titled with your last name and first name. Example: LastnameFirstname. Although google docs, MS Word or pdfs are preferred for the contact and narrative, applicants who would prefer to submit a video proposal or other alternate media are invited to do so.

Please submit all materials via Google drive. Upload the folder to your google drive account and then “share” the folder with tacony@muralarts.org.
If you are unable to use google drive, please email to arrange alternate means of submitting your application.

Title all files in the folder with your last name, first name, the type of file, and no extraneous spaces or punctuation. For example:  LastnameFirstnameApp.pdf, LastnameFirstnameCV.pdf, LastnameFirstnameWorksample01.jpg.

Submit your application by 5:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 11,2020.

Application Narrative/Project Proposal (maximum 500 words)

Please provide a detailed proposal of your project including an estimated material budget, community engagement process and an artist statement that speaks to this project and why it is important.

Work Samples

You may submit a minimum of 7 and maximum of 10 images.

Images must be:

● Formatted as .jpgs

● Less than 1MB each in size

● No more than 2000 pixels on the longest side

● A maximum of 300 dpi and a minimum of 72 dpi

● Titled with your last name, your first name, “worksample,” and a number indicating the viewing order. Use “0” in front of single digit numbers. For example: LastnameFirstnameWorksample01.jpg

If you would like to submit video or audio files as work samples, please contact Tacony LAB Coordinator, Barb Baur at tacony@muralarts.org

Work Sample Description List

Please include title, date, medium, size, location and a brief description (maximum 100 words).


Maximum of 3 pages, including education, exhibition or project history, and any other relevant professional artistic experience.


Over the last few years Mural Arts Philadelphia has launched several storefront hubs to maximize its presence in communities where we are involved in major participatory public art projects. With projects such as Southeast by Southeast in South Philadelphia (muralarts.org/southeast) and Neighborhood Time Exchange in West Philadelphia (neighborhoodtime.exchange), we have found that having a consistent presence helps to galvanize the community, provide additional services, create a safe and welcoming space, and make an impact on life along a corridor.

At the Tacony LAB, we have been nurturing a creative community who come into the space to work on their own projects and learn new skills in our classes. Having a resident artist onsite furthers our goals by broadening the community’s experiences. Participants in Tacony LAB programming come from all over the city of Philadelphia, but mainly from the surrounding Northeast neighborhoods of Tacony, Holmesburg, Wissinoming, Mayfair, Torresdale and Bustleton.

For more information about the local community, visit:

History of Tacony: youtube.com/watch?v=ovjypSpk9UU

History of Torresdale Avenue: youtube.com/watch?v=3KRUt3LvO6A

Historical Society of Tacony: historictacony.blogspot.com

Northeast Times: northeasttimes.com/2015/jan/28/-depth-look-tacony-history

Preservation Alliance: preservationalliance.com/explore-philadelphia/philadelphia-neighborhoods/tacony

PlanPhilly: planphilly.com/articles/2010/05/03/look-disston-company-town


Mural Arts Philadelphia, founded in 1984, is the largest public art program in the United States. MAP believes that art ignites change. We create art with others to transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. Through this work, we establish new standards of excellence in the practice of public and contemporary art. Our process empowers artists to be change agents, stimulates dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding. Our work is created in service of a larger movement that values equity, fairness and progress across all of society. We listen with empathetic ears to understand the aspirations of our partners and participants. And through beautiful collaborative art, we provide people with the inspiration and tools to seize their own future. For most information, visit: muralarts.org

Cathleen Hughes

Abstract painting…

Abstract painting…

Abstract painting…

Terri Fridkin

Terri Fridkin is best known for her dynamic, abstract and mixed media works that embody intense color and graphic forms.…

Terri Fridkin is best known for her dynamic, abstract and mixed media works that embody intense color and graphic forms. She is a National Honor Society graduate of Drexel University School of Design…

Terri Fridkin is best known for her dynamic, abstract and mixed media works that embody intense color and graphic forms. She is a National Honor Society graduate of Drexel University School of Design Arts, and lives and…

Dolores Poacelli

(I always say) are never easy:
especially those between
color, shape, texture, space . . .
and tension.

(I always say) are never easy:
especially those between
color, shape, texture, space . . .
and tension.
The relationship of the part to the part,
the part to the whole and the relationship

(I always say) are never easy:
especially those between
color, shape, texture, space . . .
and tension.
The relationship of the part to the part,
the part to the whole and the relationship
of the piece…

Barbro Jernberg
Judith Jacobson
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