The best thing about First Friday (other than the free drinks) is the chance to visit
multiple galleries in one night. After a whirlwind of artists, crisscrossing themes and mediums, you might end up feeling like your brain’s been riding on a brightly-colored ferris wheel (in a good way).

At InLiquid’s Benefit v.13 on Friday, February 15, not only will you find works from hundreds of artists, but you’ll also find a selection of pieces from three featured local galleries: Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Larry Becker Contemporary Art, and The Center for Art in Wood. Whether or not you’ve visited these spaces in the past, we hope you’ll have the chance to reevaluate your experience of these venues within a new context – and keep coming back for more experiences in future.

Paradigm Gallery + Studio, located on Fabric Row, prides itself on creating an atmosphere of support for visual and performing artists. Stop by on Fourth Fridays for show openings, (don’t forget to hop by the local boutiques for monthly discounts). Artists on display include Yis Goodwin (NoseGo), FredSuji, and Lindsay Gilbert.

You might not want to get lost in a forest, but you won’t mind getting lost at The Center for Art in Wood. The gallery boasts a permanent collection of over 850 objects, as well as traveling exhibitions and publications. Artists include Kimberly Winkle, Jack Slentz, and Philip Mouthrop.

Larry Becker Contemporary Art is located along Second Street in Old City. Nestled snugly amidst popular arts venues and directly across the street from Arden Theatre Company, the cozy space is always a staple for First Friday aficionados. Artists include Anna Bogatin and Barry Goldberg.

Jennifer Baker

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