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  • Rachel Bomze: Lyrics of String

    “What’s in a mark? The process of painting lends itself to placing a trace or mark on the canvas and … See Full Post

  • Jerry Bennett

    Exploring form, texture and light as it applies to translucent forms is the current direction of my work. I am working with porcelain, the best I can make using fine European porcelains as my inspiration.

  • Kevin Broad & Peter Cunicelli

    InLiquid members Kevin Broad and Peter Cunicelli are featured at the Graham Building.  “Study of nature has brought an inherent organic … See Full Post

  • Remembering the Suffragists, 100 years of Women Voting in the United States

    Curatorial Statement from guest curator Patricia Moss-Vreeland Creating this online exhibition, Remembering the Suffragists; 100 Years of Women Voting in the … See Full Post

  • Patterning Nature

    There is something about patterns and nature that has seemingly been able to capture human’s imagination for as long as … See Full Post

  • Poised and Forceful

    Poised and Forceful, highlights the work of six women artists, all of whom’s work push the boundaries of scale and abstract styles. Through their different aesthetics, processes, and materials, the uniting thread in Poised and Forceful is a decidedly feminine take on large scale abstraction.

  • The Shape of a Line

    Cheryl Levin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. She started drawing and painting at the age of twelve when her … See Full Post

  • Carbon Snaps

    Critical Junctures need a special cohesion. A five headed hydra held together with Carbon Snaps, these artists create a holographic … See Full Post

  • From the Vault

    From the Vault is a blast-from-the-past journey back to InLiquid’s 10th Anniversary Benefit–ten year’s ago as we are now celebrating … See Full Post

  • Banished for the Good of the Realm

    Banished For the Good of the Realm is a virtual exhibition highlighting work from InLiquid’s artist members that they have made during the unprecedented stay-at-home order during the Spring of 2020.