Upcoming Exhibitions

Current & Recent Exhibitions

  • USPS Art Project

    Register for our virtual opening!  The USPS Art Project is an  artist collaboration project created by InLiquid artist member Christina … See Full Post

  • Time Unbound

    Time Unbound is a presentation of work by members of the Art Cloth Network (ACN), and hosted by The InLiquid … See Full Post

  • Muslin and Pieri

    Lee Muslin Artist Statement: Guided by intuition, I strive to produce work that is a compelling visual experience in my … See Full Post

  • Summer Yates: Mirror Mobiles

    Take a trip to Old City Publishing to reflect on Summer Yates’ Mirror Mobiles. Up through January, these mobiles can … See Full Post

  • Landscape in Her Mind

    In this body of work, there are references to landscapes – volcanoes, bodies of water and land-based forms inspired by … See Full Post

  • Sculpture in the Glen II

    InLiquid celebrates 21 years with a month-long exhibition in collaboration with the Burch Family, Sculpture in the Glen II. This … See Full Post

  • Satirical Candidacy

    Satirical Candidacy is a two-person exhibition of Deanna McLaughlin’s and Florence Weisz’s politically-based works as a nod to the upcoming November elections. Through their use of rye humor and uncanny wit, McLaughlin and Weisz investigate candidates, policies, and our current state of world affairs.

  • Rachel Bomze: Lyrics of String

    “What’s in a mark? The process of painting lends itself to placing a trace or mark on the canvas and … See Full Post

  • Jerry Bennett

    Exploring form, texture and light as it applies to translucent forms is the current direction of my work. I am working with porcelain, the best I can make using fine European porcelains as my inspiration.

  • Kevin Broad & Peter Cunicelli

    InLiquid members Kevin Broad and Peter Cunicelli are featured at the Graham Building.  “Study of nature has brought an inherent organic … See Full Post