Current & Recent Exhibitions

  • Kirby Fredendall: Horizon Lines

    There is stillness as a front appears at the northern end of the lake – a calm. Clouds gather. The light becomes brilliant then dark. The wind curls itself into a directed force. Rain comes. The visual drama of the lake is never the same. It is the place where I am the most connected to myself and where I am finding the creative force for these images

  • Going… Going… Gone

    In a world that is constantly moving take a pause to see this art.

  • Structures

    Structures is an exploration of structural systems that we see, construct, experience, and that permeate our daily lives.

  • Brian Palmieri

    Brian Palmieri is a painter and print-maker who has lived in Philadelphia since graduation from Tyler School of Art with … See Full Post

  • New Now III

    New Now III is InLiquid’s third annual exhibition featuring its newest members, giving them the opportunity to show their newest … See Full Post

  • Traditional Meets Contemporary

    InLiquid and Schwarz Gallery are proud to present Traditional Meets Contemporary, a collaborative exhibition celebrating their 20th and 90th anniversaries, … See Full Post

  • Joyce Barker Schwartz and Favi Dubo

    Joyce Barker Schwartz’s works start with an intent to create a juxtaposition between thought and mass. Her body of work … See Full Post

  • M’Ocean

    Chris Paxson was born in Atlantic City, graduated from Stockton State College, and lives with his wife and daughter in … See Full Post

  • Christina Penrose

    “My paintings are subconsciously motivated images provoking a beginning. “If you know exactly what you’re going to do, what is … See Full Post

  • John Y. Wind: The Women

    Part of CraftNOW’s Craft Month, John Y. Wind: The Women is a collaborative portrait project with the women in John … See Full Post