Goldsmith ’20

Goldsmith ’20

Exhibition Opens On: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Some fifty years after Goldsmith ’70, the first exhibition by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), Goldsmith ‘20 debuts at the InLiquid Gallery. Goldsmith ’20 is a collection of highly technical pieces created in the SNAG tradition of working with metals, alternative materials, and all aspects of contemporary art, design, jewelry and metalsmithing. Artists in this exhibition have chosen one of the original members/makers from Goldsmith ’70 to model their work after, paying homage to the forefathers of their craft with a modern take.

At the Goldsmith ‘70 exhibition, curator Stanley Lechtinz noted, “… The young craftsman today is being exposed to tools and techniques which were not available to his predecessors. It is apparent that a tradition of excellence is developing,” and this development in tools and techniques applies to the artists on exhibition half a decade later– as artists and craftsmen continue to cross boundaries and use their creativity to propel new and innovative ideas. 

The InLiquid Gallery will be hosting this exhibition, which will feature the works of nearly forty artists and SNAG members from June 23rd to July 24th. 

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