Benhaim and Brunner

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, August 10, 2019

The InLiquid Gallery presents an exhibition featuring the works of Sandra Benhaim and Howard Brunner. When combining the techniques of Benhaim’s abstract painting and Brunner’s documentary photography, comes a beautiful dialogue between the artists’ passion for capturing the environments they’ve encountered. Whether from nature or from urban landscapes, both Benhaim and Brunner share inspired gratitude through their layers of color, textures, and visualized energy. 

Sandra Benhaim is a Philadelphia-based painter working in oil, mixed media, and collages. After working representationally for many years, her series titled “Little Pieces of Landscapes” began to mix in her artwork with pure abstractions of color and texture. Lately, she has focused on the creation of abstract images expressing, with unabashed and exuberant color, her passion for nature.

Howard Brunner is a Philadelphia-based photographer whose process involves documenting close-ups of urban landscapes during his walks through the city. Photographing whatever grabs his interest, His process has evolved into a spiritual practice—or what he calls “a walking meditation of sorts.” Howard is an Associate Member of 3rd St. Gallery since 2015 and is a faculty member of the Temple University Architecture Program, offering a course entitled Photography and Visual Literacy