There’s so much to learn about InLiquid Artist Members. In our new series Getting to Know You, we ask our members questions that go beyond the canvas: what they like, dislike, and what they know.

Today, a few of our artists share with us their favorite artists: who’s inspired their current work and dream collaborators.  


From: The Event of a Thread, Ann Hamilton

1.) Susan Benarcik’s Pick: Ann Hamilton

“Ann Hamilton…A large scale installation using a combination of my own and her signature materials.” –Susan Benarcik

Susan Benarcik works with a variety of 3D mediums to create surreal sculptures. Her dream collaboration choice in conceptual artist Ann Hamilton,  who became well known in the 1980s for her large-scale installations that explored different themes of humanity. Using textiles and a wide range of forms and mediums, Ann Hamilton goes beyond the boundary of sculpture to create whole environments. 








Design by Issey Miyake

2.) Agathe Bouton’s Pick: Issey Miyake

“When I was an art student I dreamed of working with Issey Miyake, a Japanese fashion designer..but now there are so many artists I admire it’s too difficult to answer.” –Agathe  Bouton

Agathe Bouton is a printmaking artist that is inspired by cities and Philadelphia’s urban environments in her work. For her artist pick, she chose Issey Miyake. Issey is a fashion designer that is recognized for his modern high-fashion clothing designs, which draw inspiration from technology. 








Retroactive II, Robert Rauschenberg

3.) Jessica Demcsak’s Pick: Robert Rauschenberg

“I have so many artists that have inspired me in many ways, however, one that stands out is Robert Rauschenberg. Upon seeing his work in college, it inspired me to start working on and with materials besides paint on canvas.” — Jessica Demcsak

Jessica Demcsak works in both 2D and sculpture, in which she focuses on architecture in her paintings and 3D designs. Her work is bold and colorful, much like her artist collaboration choice, Robert Rauschenberg. Robert was an American graphic artist and painter, and an influential Pop Artist in the 1950s. His mixed media work was a blend between painting, collage, and abstract expressionism. 








Mona Hatoum

4.) Rebecca Shultz’s dream collaborator: Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum–I’d like to make a large-scale, site-specific installation about women’s experiences across cultures.” — Rebecca Shutlz

Rebecca Shultz is a painter, printmaker, performance artist, and 3D artist. She chose digital and installation artist, Mona Hatoum: a Lebanese-born Palestinian artist that addresses a variety of subjects such as political, social, and gender issues in her in her work. She uses space and form as a  means of interpretation that pushes the viewer to reflect and question the meaning behind what they are seeing.





Castle by Paul Klee

5.)  Rachel Citrino ‘s Pick:  Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Cy Twombly

“I admire Cy Twombly’s commitment to origins, the playful freedom of Paul Klee and the spiritual underpinnings of Kandinsky.” — Rachel Citrino

Rachel Citrino is an abstract painter and curator that works with line and geometric shapes to represent cultural history and human nature. Her artist picks are the Modern artist Paul Klee, Constructivist Wassily Kandinsky, and Post-Abstract Expressionist Cy Twombly. Each of these artists has influenced Rachel in terms of spirituality, spontaneity, and courage in making her work. 







Awakening by Diane Burchett

6.) Lauri Andreacchio’s Pick: Diane Burchett

“Diane Burchett- Something very large, a combination of Diane’s amazing Renaissance-like work interwoven with my expressionistic style. It would be very intriguing.” –Lauri Andreacchio

Lauri Andreacchio is a painter who bases her work on realism and her experiences as a Yoga instructor. For her dream collaboration, she chose artist Diane Burchett, a painter whose portraits and still-lives are reminiscent of the Renaissance masters. 

Diane Lachman

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