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Tyler Kline grew up in Stone Mountain, GA, studied Architecture and Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and received a BA in Anthropology and Sculpture from Portland State University. Tyler earned an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2011. A founding curatorial member of Little Berlin, he is a firm believer in the role of the arts as catalyst for social change, opening up dialog, and rejuvenating communities. Tyler currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife and children.

Artist's Statement

The hour hand’s steady march, the view from the train during commute, the puzzle of the sphinx, events from the past and visions of the future; the marks we make as we pass through this life, a type of obscured cryptography to be pondered and deciphered by a later generation.

Time marks the movement of the hand, light marks the movements of the body, maps show us were we are and were we are headed. These tools help us explore or surroundings. The mind moves the flesh through a labyrinth of possibilities.

Selected Exhibitions

Continuous Warlock Integers, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Here Be Dragons, Gallery 8, PAFA, Philadelphia, PA

Celestial Subterrane, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA

SilkWorm, The Life Gallery, Portland, OR

Betwixted Between these Crossed Stars, The Hall, Inliquid at the Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA

Nonesuch, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Keeping the Hell Hounds Waiting, Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR

Requiem for John Henry, ReLoad, Philadelphia, PA

Ecclesiastical Fortifications, Dazzle, Portland, OR

32 Portraits, Borders Café, Portland, OR

The Human Flame, Moving Spirits Gallery, Atlanta, GA


These Ghosts that Haunt Us, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
with Mike McGovern

Burberry Furs and Elderberry Wine, Littman Gallery, Portland, OR
with Damon Ayers

Cacophony of One Hand Clapping, Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR
with Keith Rosson

New Images of Man, Moving Spirits Gallery, Atlanta, GA
with Joseph Moore

Whats Your Wifi?, North End Studios, Detroit, MI
Curator: Molly Soda

Art in the Open, University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA

Screens, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Peter Erickson

Te(ac)h, The Philadelphia Sculptures Gym, Philadelphia, PA

Editions and the Love of a Friend, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA

Begin Where you Are, Crane Arts Ice Box Space, Philadelphia, PA
Curators: Timothy Belknap, Anna Neighbors, and Ryan McCarthy

It Narratates, the Movement of Objects as Information, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT
Curators: Brian Droitcour and Zanna Gilbert

Forcefield Project, Philadelphia, PA
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Gallery 135, Red Bank, NJ
Curator: Gerda Liebmann

Animate, AIGA, Philadelphia, PA

Tactical Glitches/0p3nr3p0.net, II Viale Melina 480055 Portici (NA)
Curators: Rosa Menkman (NL) and Nick Briz (USA)

Tiny White Cubes, Delaware Center For Contemporary Art, DE

REPEAT, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Peter Erickson

20/92 Video Call, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA
Curators: Tim Belknap and Ryan McCarney

All Along the Watchtower, Pterodactyl, Philadelphia, PA

Phili Found NYC, Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC

Intersection: an exposition of Art-Science collaborations, Pterodactyl, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Keith Hartwig

Art in the Now, The Gallery at Memphis, Philadelphia, Pa
Curators: Jenna and Amber Ganzelli

v.13 Inliquid Art Auction, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Fleisher, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

v.12 Inliquid Art Auction, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

Philly Photo Day, Philadelphia Photographic Center at the Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

15 Year Anniversary, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

The Same As It Ever Was, CSA Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Silence is a Lie, SEZ, Berlin, Germany

Stick Core, Idrawallot, Berlin, Germany

Open Call Video Submission, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA

We Glow in the Dark, Sculylkill Center for Environmental Education, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Torkwase Dyson

Real Time, BrainStormers, Rutgers-MSD Library Galleries, New Brunsweick, NJ

We are no Strangers, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA

MFA Thesis Exhibition, 110th Annual Student Show, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Battle of the Sexes, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware

5 into 1; Philadelphia Sculptors’ 12th Annual Student Exhibition, The Galleries at Moore, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia , PA
Jurors: Emma Irvin and Anna Romaniuk

Skate or Die V, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Re-use and Resist, Tel Aviv, Israel

78th Annual Cumberland Valley Artist Exhibition, Washington County Museum of Fine Art, Hagerstown, MD

Cities of the Red Night, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

PaperGirl-NY, Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn, NY; The Armory, New York, NY;
The Marketplace Gallery, Albany, NY

Speculative Ecology, WVWOFFKA, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Masha Badinter

Dear Fleisher, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

Typography: Language and Landscape, Gallery Arcane, San Francisco, CA

Battle of the Bowls, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

Vox V, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

Print Zero Exchange #6, Print Zero Studios, Seattle, WA; University Of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; SUNY Buffalo Center for the Arts, Main Stage Buffalo, NY

Fresh from the Streets, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, Demarest, NJ

Prospects, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

Offerings, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

Sk8 or Die IV, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Stick Me Hard II, Musma Gallery, Brussels, Belguim

Art on Record, APW Gallery, Long Island City, NY

Outdated: Polaroid Art Show, Country Club Chicago, Chicago, IL

2008 Third Coast National, K-Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, TX
Juror: Josh MacPhee

Stick Me Hard, Musma Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Vinyl Killers VI, Goodfoot, Portland, OR

Expo StreetArt, Punta Arenas, Chile

Cut Out EM, Sommercasino, Basel, Switzerland

Dear Fleisher, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

Millenáris Street Games, Millenáris Park, Budapest, Hungary

Here & Now, Copy Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Cash and Carry, The Life, Portland, OR

I Want That, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

DIY Board Show, Drive Agency, St. Louis, MI

Skate or Die III, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Voyeur, The Core Gallery, Portland, OR

Kingdoms of Magical Extinction, Space1026, Philadelphia, PA

International Flipbook Festival, Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland, England;
Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA; Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
Traveling Exhibition

Alien & Sedition, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR

Print Zero Exchange #4, University of Miami, Miami, FL;
Sev Shoon Arts Center, Seattle, WA; Basil Howard Gallery, Portland, OR;
Old Inlet Printmakers Co-op, Homer, Alaska
Traveling Exhibition

Signals from/about Central Europe II, Central European Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Manifestation, Goodfoot, Portland, OR
Curator: Black Market Culture

Paper Politics Brooklyn, 5x5 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2006, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA

Picking Up the Pieces II, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Curator: Overspray Magazine

5th Annual Mini Print Exhibition, Lessedra Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria

143rd Annual Juried Exhibition of Small Oil Painting, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA

Human pixel Project, Three columns Gallery, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Curator: Peter Smut

Flights of Fancy, Art in City Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Cavin Jones

2” and Under, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Barbara Zuckerman

Board Show II, Salt Lake City, UT

Not Just a Box of Chocolates, Spiral Q Puppet Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Staff Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pearlman Annex, Philadelphia, PA

Birds, Birds, Birds, Minnow Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Addict, The Fix Gallery, Portland, OR

Vinyl Killers III, Zeitgeist, Portland, OR

Picking up the Pieces, Orchard St Gallery, New York, NY

Trash to Treasure, Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Hungarian Multicultural Center, Budapest, Hungary

Paper Politics (West), Phinney Center Gallery, Seattle, WA

Spectrum Palette, Lambert Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Metal Pig, Gomi Gallery, Austin, TX

Annual Juried Exhibition of Small oil Paintings, Philadelphia, PA

Poster Show, Objex Art space, Miami, FL

For The People, Crucible Steel Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Stick Em Up II, Revolver, Melbourne, Australia

Interventionists, Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA
Curator: Josh, God Bless Graffiti Coalition

Bright Lights, Aftermath Gallery, Seattle, WA

International Mail Art Show, Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR

Philadelphia Flip Book Show, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Vinyl Killers, Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR
Curator: Klutch

Burberry Furs and Elderberry Wine, Littman Gallery, Portland, OR

Ten-Year Anniversary, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR

From The Ground Up, New Bedford Art Museum, MA
Curators: John Cox and Hannah Haines

Crypto-Sociological Flow Chart, Zeitgeist Portland, OR
Curator: Paul Fujita

Cut-and-Paste Skateboarding Film & Art Festival, Iowa City, IA

The Best Coast, Portland, OR
Curated by Jeff Jahn

2 Gyrlz Perpetuating Response IV, B-Annex, Portland, OR

100x100, Sound Vision, Portland, OR

Yellow Jackets, Windows Alive, SW 12th, Portland, OR

Synthesis Sculpture Show, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Flip Book Show, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Ghost Walking Through the Binary, Disjecta, Portland, OR

Emergence, Littman Gallery, Portland, OR

Electronic Parasite Séance, Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR

Honors Show, Gallery 299, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Synthesis Painting Show, Gallery 299, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Comfort Zone, Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR

Benzedrine Den, Martial Arts, Portland, OR

Honors Show, Autzen Gallery, Portland, OR

Over Exposure, Martial Arts, Portland, OR

Deception Show, Martial Arts, Portland, OR

Young Atlanta Artists, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

One Night Only, Grace Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Pythons and Appendages, Chances Gallery, Atlanta, GA

First Show, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

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Awards and Honors

4th Wall Graduate Panelist Winner, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Gilroy Roberts Scholarship

Liberta Award, Best Aluminum Foil Installation

Maryland Metal Inc. Award for Outstanding Entry in Metal, 78th Annual Cumberland Valley Artist Exhibition; Washington County Museum of Fine Art, Hagerstown, MD

PAFA MFA Merit Scholarship (through 2011)

PAFA MFA Academic Scholarship (through 2011)

USUK 8th Annual Iron Pour Symposium, SAW, Salem, NY

Artist Residency, Hungarian Multicultural Center

Portland State University, Portland, OR
Magna Cum Laude and Lucille Welch Scholarship

Wilma Sheridan Scholarship

Golden Key National Honors Society

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
Presidential Scholarship, Hope Scholarship


Annual Art Auction, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

10x10, Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

Annual Art Auction, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Inliquid Benefit v.8.0, Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

Inliquid Benefit v.7.0, Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

Patrick Kerr Scholarship Art Auction, Minnow Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

June Bride: A Night at the Savory, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

Art Auction, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Art for Life, Cascade Aids Art Auction, Portland, OR
Curator: Michael Klein

Cascade Aids Art Auction, Portland, OR


2009 - 2011
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
MFA Candidate

Portland State University, Portland, OR
BA, Anthropology and Sculpture
magna cum laude

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
Painting; Architecture