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Terri Saulin

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    Studio 1175 1175 S 13th StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19147

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    Artist's Biography

    Terri received her MFA from the University of the Arts and her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design. She currently teaches a variety of Studio Arts courses at The Agnes Irwin School, in Rosemont, PA. The school was founded in 1869 by Agnes Irwin, the first Dean of Radcliffe College and the great-great granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin. The legacy of excellence in all-girls' education has been evident for over a century and continues to enable girls and young women to achieve their best.

    Terri has been a member and Press Coordinator of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery in Philadelphia since 2010. Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Each space is independently operated and focuses on presenting a varied program of emerging and mid-career artists. The gallery's goal is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects, and curatorial opportunities. They seek to further empower the artist's role beyond that of studio practitioner to include the roles of curator, critic, and community developer; and to act as an alternate model to the conventions of the current commercial art market.

    Tiger Strikes Asteroid's exhibitions and projects have been featured in numerous print and online publications including The New York Times, Art F City, Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, L Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Two Coats of Paint, Artinfo, Artnet News, Beautiful Decay, and the artblog.

    Terri's "mice en place" of interests in biology, botany, classical music, geology, and gastronomy guide her construction. She builds delicate, alternating smooth and densely textured, porcelain sculptures. They are physical explorations of philosophical ideas. Without beginning or end, the sculptures suggest forms from nature but, just as easily, they mimic the branching, burrowing, nonhierarchical structure of the internet. She photographs the forms in various stages of production. The forms and photos become her still life. The system of distilled information provides an elastic and infinitely expandable language that fuel future drawings, prints and sculpture.

    Artist's Statement

    When I first moved into my old, South Philadelphia house, everything that was falling down was buttressed with scrap wood, tied up with nude-colored, nylon stockings, and slathered with concrete. The supported structures were a mysterious and curious landscape that served as a record of the architectural history of my home. My neighbors Quintina and Mario were alchemists who could build or fix anything with a piece of string.

Memories are delicate constructions. They are a labyrinth, a vast and intricate novel that at once documents, interrupts and obfuscates, creating floating entry points and a universe of emotions in every corner. In the "Shaker" spirit, I imagine a tiny wasp-worker making imaginary homes for important collections of most special memories.

    Selected Exhibitions

    That which requires no battle, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Invisible Cities encountered on the road to the Garden of Forking Paths, The Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal A-West, Philadelphia, PA

    The Garden of Forking Paths, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Night is a Girl, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, PA

    Lines of Flight, Finlandia University, MI

    Dear Gilles and Felix, Moore College of Art and Design, The Window on Race, Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Glenn Gould, Highwire and The Rosenwald-Wolf Galleries, University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA

    PaperWork, Snyderman-Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    Curator: Alex Conner

    Faculty Exhibition: The Agnes Irwin School, Thos. Moser Showroom, Wayne, PA

    Bag Check: Artist Run Miami, Ocean Terrace Hotel, Miami, FL

    Other Selections, The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA

    Tiger Strikes Payne Gallery, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA

    (e)merge Art Fair, The Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington, DC

    Win Win 2: NIAD Art Center Invitational Benefit, Cliff Bar & Company, Richmond, CA

    To Tiger With Love: A Five Year Anniversary, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Liminal Sites: Faculty Triennial Exhibition, The Galleries at
    Moore, Philadelphia, PA
    Curator: Kaytie Johnson

    Correspondence II, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Member Show, TSA New York, Brooklyn, NY

    Sweet Suites, TSA Member Show, Society Hill Synagogue, Philadelphia, PA

    Win Win: NIAD Art Center Invitational Benefit, Cliff Bar & Company, Richmond, CA

    Chorus Effect: A Tiger Strikes Asteroid & FJORD Collaboration, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    Curator: Tabitha Piseno

    May Work: Terri Saulin & Patricia Robertson, Society Hill Synagogue, PA

    Animated Architecture: Indoor Pop-up Exhibit, The Warehouse Apartments, PA
    Curator: Sean Stoops

    The Unsettled, University of Delaware Gallery, PA
    Curator: Patrick Kozoil

    Artist / Educator, Rowan University, NJ
    Curator: Heather Mae Erikson

    6-III* - Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, The Haverford School, PA
    Curator: Antonio Fink

    Footsteps: 160 Years, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

    Faculty Triennial Exhibition, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA
    Curator: Lorie Mertes

    Receive, React, Respond, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA

    Selected Faculty Works, The Kimmel Center, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA
    Curator: Paul Hubbard

    MCAD Alumni Exhibition, The Cosmopolitan Club, Philadelphia, PA
    Curator: Shirley Luber

    Multiples: Am I Repeating Myself?, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA

    Spaces: What Interior Designers Do, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA

    POST: The Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, Philadelphia, PA

    Exhibitions Curated

    Uncontained: Kelsey Costello, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Benjamin White: Impossible Machines, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Marc Salz: Talmudic Abstractions, Society Hill Synagogue, PA

    Michael Macfeat: Bar Sinister, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

    Artist's Bibliography

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    Professional Experience

    Member / Press Coordinator, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Middle and Upper School Studio & Media Arts Instructor/Press and Social Media Coordinator for the Visual and Performing Arts Department, The Agnes Irwin School, Rosemont, PA

    BFA Adjunct Professor, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA

    2000- 2014
    Pre-School Teacher, Society Hill Synagogue, Philadelphia, PA

    Visiting Artist Lecturer, Finlandia University, Hancock, MI

    Freelance Sculptor/Technical Drawings, Geronimo Co., Philadelphia, PA & Los Angeles, CA

    Awards and Honors

    2017, 2018
    EE Ford Legacy Through Leadership Fellow, The Agnes Irwin School

    Professional Growth Grant, The Agnes Irwin School
    Knight Arts Challenge Grant for Citiwide

    Faculty Development Grant, Moore College of Art & Design

    MFA Merit Scholarship, The University of the Arts

    BFA Merit Scholarship, Moore College of Art & Design


    Larry Becker and Heidi Nivling, Larry Becker Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA
    Shirley Luber, Luber Gallery
    Heather Bryson, B2 Gallery
    Brian and Juliet Englander: The Women's Imaging Center, Pennsylvania Hospital
    The Van Pelt Collection, Finlandia University, MI


    Member, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA

    Member, Philly Stewards, Philadelphia, PA


    The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

    Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA
    BFA & Teaching Certification

    Continuing Education
    Digital Media for Print + Web / Certificate, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA