Justin Snow

Justin Snow

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    Phone: 610-293-9067


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    Norristown Arts Building 1054 Croton Road Wayne, PA 19087

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    Artist's Statement

    A journey may start with a single step, but just after that initial step a number of stumbles, detours, misdirections, ups downs and plain failures seem to run parallel to the journey.

    This law of journey is true in the world of art as well. Why should this group escape the pitfalls of their chosen trip?

    Draw, ok - color wheel, design, composition, paint, school, job, studio, more school, job, juries, solos, job – realizations.
    Sell sell sell yourself and maybe a painting here and there – lots of doubts and new challenges, more doubts, more questions - but pushing on anyway.

    What else. It’s what we do.
    I’ve done.
    I do.

    Please - just don’t ask me what the paintings are about.
    You decide.

    The Abstract Painterly Poet
    The abstract painterly poet
    without conscious reason
    approaches his blank canvas paper
    letters in hand.
    Letters will become my word marks.
    I’ll use the letters to form
    unconscious groupings of letters
    to form unconsciously thought formed words.

    They will be consciously meaningless.
    They must be.
    Therefore they will be abstract,
    not just meaningless
    but without reason
    for being

    I read this abstract poem
    to a young lady
    She said it was gibberish

    I wept
    with joy