TJ Walsh

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Phone: 610-662-4364

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Mixed Media/Painting

Artist's Biography

TJ Walsh is a Painter, Curator, Designer, Art Director, Creative Strategist and Catalyst.

He received his BFA Graphic Design/Painting, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Additionally, in 2016 he received his MA in Counseling Psychology at Eastern University.

TJ is the President of the board at SUDA (Stand up. Demand action.) SUDA is a grassroots advocacy organization that fights to protect quality public education through the political budgetary process and by enabling communities to stay involved in their local school districts.

He is also a member of the Alumni Council at The University of the Arts, with a focus on mentoring current students and to engage the school's alumni to maintain a connection to the university community.

As an art director and designer, TJ specializes in working with not-for-profit and cultural institutions. He currently works in marketing/communications and brand development for a major national not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Manhattan.

TJ's work as a painter has garnered acclaim at home in the Philadelphia region as well as across the country and overseas. He has a very active painting studio in Media-Aston, PA.

Walsh has written on the topics of art, culture, faith and the intersection of all three. His work has been exhibited and published internationally.

Artist's Statement

When I create, I understand some small part of God. It is something that I share with him. During the creative process, I understand him experientially. God creates, and I enjoy that I can share this in common with him. It is how I communicate best with the one who created me. For me, the creative process is an act of worship and communication — an act of solidarity between God and myself. I talk to him through my art. My work shows my feelings in purest form. It’s about me experiencing my God in a way that is intimately my own, but understood and familiar to many who come in contact with it.

My work is a journey of finding light in darkness, healing in pain, joy in sorrow, hope in despair and life in death. My work is about letting my creator reveal himself and allowing him to use my experience to make me stronger. Refined in the fire, made purer than ever.

I work fast, letting my emotion and intuition drive the painting. The process always involves a long period of adding and subtracting layers of paint, mimicking my life experiences: giving and taking away, building up and breaking down. I’m looking to reveal emotion through color, texture, light and shade.

I pair these images with references of literature, theology and scripture so that the viewer can connect abstract emotion with real thought, creating his or her own emotional and cognitive connections to life and the world.

Selected Exhibitions

Deep Dive, The Gryphon, Wayne, PA

Listening, American Bible Society, New York, NY

2013 Member Exhibition: Inliquid, PPAC, Second State Press, Ice Box Project Space and Grey Area, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA

JustART, CIVA Annual Conference Exhibition, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

The View from Deliverance, Blick Art Materials, Philadelphia, PA

Art Unleashed, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Featured, Burlap and Bean Coffee, Newtown Square, PA

Evidence of Things Unseen, The Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, PA

The Faces of uArts, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

DAS:BAM, 1616 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Making It, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Artist's Bibliography

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Professional Experience

Designer, American Bible Society, New York, NY

Professional Affiliations

Board President, Stand Up. Demand Action (SUDA)

Alumni Council Member, University of the Arts

Member, AIGA

Member, InLiquid

Member, CIVA

Exhibitions Curated

Advent, The Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, PA


InLIquid Benefit v.13, Ice Box Project Space, Phildalphia, PA


Walsh, TJ, "Finding Beauty through the Practice of Creating: An Artist’s Reflection," Transpositions, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, April 24, 2013

Martin, Gail A., Eliu Cornielle, Malorie Tull, Timoth J. Walsh, Jr, You Will Dance, American Bible Society/She’s My Sister, New York, NY


American Bible Society, New York, NY
Gail A. Martin, Haverford, PA
Sarah and Nathan Friend, Allentown, PA
Sharon L. Sacks, Haverford, PA


Eastern University, St. Davids, PA
MA, Counseling Psychology

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
BFA, Graphic Design