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John Howell White

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W. Conshohocken, PA

Artist's Biography

John Howell White is Professor of Art Education in the Department of Art Education and Crafts at Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He has an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute and a Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of Experience Painting, a textbook for secondary art students. In 2012 he was named the National Higher Education Art Educator of the Year and in 2009 the Pennsylvania Higher Education Art Educator of the Year. He has conducted research and published extensively about the history and philosophy of art education. He has served as Chair of the National Art Education Association’s Research Commission, the Department of Art Education and Crafts at Kutztown University, the Council for Policy Studies in Art Education, and as Director of the Higher Education Division of the National Art Education Association.

Artist's Statement

I am interested in paintings as contemplative spaces. For many years, like many people with complicated lives, my painting moments have been wedged between work, family and civic life. The scale and the content of these paintings provide effective opportunities for this practice.

These work originated through gestural line drawings, which refer to forms and fields of energy. In relation to these origins, materials, fields, figures, color, gesture, and surface, along with life’s conditions, reinforce and subvert those original drawings. These interactions converse with and mimic other kinds of thought. Hopefully, these images animate space, attract viewers attention, and hold their attention long enough to resonate with their own thoughts about everyday events, as well as truth, beauty and goodness.

Selected Exhibitions

Recent Work (2008), Gallery 908, Reading, PA

John H. White (1987), One Oxford Center, Pittsburgh, PA

John H. White (1987), Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

John H. White (1983), Pittsburgh Plan for Art, Pittsburgh, PA

Related Visions, Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cotuit, MA

Related Visions, Maryland Hall, Annapolis, MD

Painter’s Progress, Northhampton Communty College, Bethlehelm, PA

Scaled Down: Small Works From Southeastern Pennsylvania, The Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA

Small Works, The New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA

The 80's: A Post Pop Generation, The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Loretto, PA

Invitational, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY

Pittsburgh Highlights, Three Rivers Arts Festival Invitational, Pittsburgh, PA

Perspectives From Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

Unrestricted Horizons, Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

Invitational, Gallery 10, Washington, DC

Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

Annual, Greensburg Art League, Westmoreland County Museum of Art, Greensburg, PA

Young Painters, Provincetown Art Association, Provincetown, MA

Small Works, Austin, TX

Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

Marietta National, Marietta College, Marietta, OH


White, J. (2015), Experience Painting, Worcester, MA: Davis Publications

Book Chapters
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Professional Experience

Professor, Art Education, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA

Chair, Department of Art Education & Crafts, KU

Chair, NAEA Research Commission

Director, Higher Education Division, NAEA

Chair, NAEA Higher Education Research Steering Committee

Chair, Council for Policy Studies in Art Education

Chair, Art Series Program Committee, KU

Head, Department of Visual Art, Crossroads School for the Arts, Santa Monica, CA

Director, Campbell Art Gallery, Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, PA

Head, Dept, of Fine Arts, Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, PA

Lectures and Talks

White, J., Blandy, D. & Hicks, L., Touch, NAEA Convention, Chicago

White, J. & All, Leadership, NAEA Convention: Chicago

White, J., Blandy, D. & Hicks, L., Glue, NAEA Convention

White, J., Blandy, D., Memory, NAEA Conference

White, J. & Blandy, D., Improvisation, NAEA Conference

White, J., Blandy, D. & Gude, O., Improvisation, NAEA Conference, New York, NY

White, J., Meier, E., Garoian, C., & Lucerio, J., Delay, NAEA Conference, Seattle, WA

White, J., Scale: The Object of 21st Century Art Education, NAEA Conference, Seattle, WA

White, J., Accounts about then from now: historical research methodologies, NAEA Conference, Seattle, WA

White, J., Grounded Assessment, CAA Conference, Los Angeles, CA
White, J., Skill, NAEA Conference, Minneapolis, MN

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White, J. & Stewart, M., Teachers teaching teachers: Best Practices in art classroom, New Jersey Art Educators Conference, Somerset, NJ

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White, J., Garoian, C. & Garber, E., Speaking in tongues: A comparison of practice and language in the Visual Arts, Paper presented at NAEA conference, New York, NY.

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White, J., Pedro deLemos, School Arts, and Native American cultures, NAEA, Chicago, IL

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White, J., Rorty and Richter: Private visions and public accounts, Paper presented at the annual meeting of the College Art Association, Washington, DC

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White, J., Arts and issues: Creating a context for art, Paper presented at the annual meeting of the California Association of Independent Schools


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Council for Policy Studies in Art Education
National Art Education Association


Penn State, University Park, PA
PhD, Art Education

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
MFA, Painting

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
BA, Fine Art